Brenna Tyler


 Brenna Tyler's Biography

My studio overlooks wide open fields that blanket the earth below Craig Mountain. I love working in a beautiful setting where I can see the horses and the horses can peer in and see me. It is in the comfort of the ranch (surrounded by nature, family, and horses) where my inspiration is ignited for bronze sculptures and paintings. It is also where I collect many of the materials that are used in sculptures. The view from the studio is a constant reminder of how much

I appreciate being part of this amazing place.I enjoy creating pieces that are unusual, with organic qualities, textures, and
unpredictable surprises. I love exploring the potential of new materials and variations of mediums that can be captured on canvas, natural materials, or in bronze. Through sculpture and painting, I hope to share love from my life that viewers can interpret in their own way. I try to appreciate the present as I experience this journey with my horses, art, and the endless possibilities when the two combine

In 2004 I received a Bachelors of Science in Art after studying at the University of Oregon and Eastern Oregon University. I've participated in many shows and exhibitions over the last twenty years, and am honored to have recieved a myriad of honors & awards. It has been wonderful to witness my art spread woldwide and be recieved by viewers and collectors. I am so excited to keep creating art when I learn it has a positive impact. I cannot emphasize this enough to those who value who I am, what I do, and my art. It truly brings me great inspiration and happiness to know that my art brings joy.

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