Keith Huey


Keith Huey's Biography

Artist and Santa Fe Gallery Owner Keith Huey looks at art everyday from morning till night, and then he paints. Such insight and first hand observation guides him in his own pursuits as he constantly pushes himself to apply what he knows in different ways. "One of the benefits of owning my own gallery has been seeing how collectors react to different paintings, I love it" For nearly a decade Huey has presented a Solo Show of his work in Santa Fe. "The growth that I experienced in those days is being expanded upon today" says Huey," I believe that since then my execution of a painting in the field is better than ever and my studio works are much more interesting and thought provoking. I am very interested in the emotions and mood that can be conveyed through the design and color of a painting." For Keith, Mood and emotion serve as his main pursuit, often resulting in peaceful and reflective imagery. Many of his painting are of high mountain lakes, river and streams as well as the vistas of the Southwest where he and his wife now live. Western Art Collector - Nov 2011

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