Nelson Tucker

 Nelson Tucker's Biography

Nelson is not a novice to the world of art, even though his young age would tell a different story. You might say he was born into an art studio. Both Nelson’s father and mother are professional artists. Having a natural talent for drawing, since day one, he was attracted to learning more. In middle school he started gaining attention for his three dimensional work and won awards from the local school district’s art competition. In high school Nelson’s acrylic painting won first prize for 11th grade category and The Best of Show in 2012. Nelson also submitted and was accepted into the National Scholastics Art and Writing Competition, 2013. From these judged pieces, the curators from the Denver Art Museum chose a few select pieces to display in an exclusive show in the Denver Art Museum where Nelson’s pen and ink, “Colorado River Toad” was prominently displayed as the first piece of artwork as you entered the gallery. His original artwork was a bit unusual because it took up the entire wall. After high school he attended Columbus College of Art and Design for two years, studying illustration. Nelson attended the 2017 Illustration Academy, in Kansas City, MO. A five week intensive hands-on course taught by many of the countries premier illustrators. Here Nelson tackled projects and techniques that expanded his skills and approach to creating art. He was challenged and ended the course with renewed enthusiasm for refining and expanding his own techniques. Currently Nelson is continuing to learn while producing beautiful original works of art. He is studying under the world renowned artist, Thomas Blackshear. Nelson is learning painting techniques by observing and trying his own hand in creating portfolio and fine art pieces.


Bemis School of Art at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Figure drawing studio classes at Cottonwood Center for Arts, in Colorado Springs, CO.. Two years of instruction at Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH.. Completed the 2017 Illustration Academy in Kansas City, MO.


Scratchboard Art is a way to create an image using a special board with a black surface layer and white clay board under layer. Using a sharp tool, you cut into the black to reveal the white layer below. The resulting image is a series of light lines against a dark background. Scratchboard art is considered a type of direct engraving, a process where an image is incised or cut into a surface. The image is created completely by making repeated small lines, marks and strokes. Scratchboard isn't just about drawing an outline in the black surface. And it's not a process that creates a negative image with dark and light areas reversed. It's creating an image by removing the dark to reveal the white. Because of this, it can make a dramatic impression. The tools used for cutting into the board include small craft knives with precision blades, needles, or any sharp tool. Blades come in various sizes and can be fitted with many types of angled blades. You can also use engraver's points, which are small metal tools used in printmaking. For removing large areas of black, some artists also use sandpaper or even steel wool.


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